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PODI lover set of 5 PODIs (5 oz/142g each)

You know PODIs and want a deep dive into the classics?

We made this set as a recommendation from our India community of PODI lovers!  So this is perfect as a gift - for someone you love or yourself!


It will contain 5oz each of the following PODI. 

PODIs included:

Spicy Coconut PODI

Crunchy Peanut PODI

Gunpowder PODI - the OG

Nutty Moong PODI

Curry Leaf PODI

No preservatives. Gluten free. All-natural ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tavishi Bhasin

Working my way through the 5 podi set. I am completely in love with the OG and curry leaf polish. They are a regular part of breakfast in our home. Thank you!

Amihan Huesmann
These Podis are just what you need

When I got these in the mail, obviously I opened and sampled them all right away. All so fresh, all so excellent! I'm salivating right now just thinking about them. Since then, I've gotten so much flavor inspiration for cooking (thanks in part to the suggestions on the cute postcards!) and snacking. My new favorite breakfast is uthappams with yoghurt and podis. Our new favorite way to eat our homegrown tomatoes is sliced, with different podis sprinkled on top. We keep the garlic and gunpowder ones on the table now to add extra-extra to our meals. They would be a fantastic gift, too!

Divya Raghavan
I'm now a podi.life addict and groupie. 20/10 recommend!

Y'all, Podi.life has brought me so much comfort and joy over the past few months. I grew up eating podis and my mom, MIL, and grandma still send me care packages with podis every few months, it's our love language. I found podi.life a few months ago (one can never have enough podis am I right?) and bought a sampler pack with 9 podis. I went through all of them like an addict haha. All the podis were fresh, nutty, and delightful. It has been fun discovering new flavors and reacquainting with old ones. My top favorites would be nutty moong, peanut podi, mint podi, and curry leaf podi, crispy garlic, and sambar podi (so basically all of them haha) I mix them with rice and ghee/sesame oil, dosas, omelets, etc. I even traveled with the podis on my trip to Central America, made custom meals on the road, and sprinkled the podis on pretty much everything. Insert *chef's kiss*.

These podis are little packets of nostalgia and flavor and they pack a punch. 20/10 would recommend podis to everyone. Above all, I love this mom and daughter duo building this build from biz from the ground up. It's been a delight to see podi.life grow and do wonderful things.

How can I forget, love the adorable podi mascot PEEKU and the little cards that come with the podis.

Loved 3/5 podis

We really enjoyed peanut, coconut & nutty moong of the bunch. Curry leaf was a little bitter but I could use it in the dishes to amp up the flavor. I'm usually not a big fan of gunpowder so it was kinda okay. It's best with dosa, idly & with steaming hot rice & ghee.
Comfort food & very fresh.

Rini Ramnarain
Best Podis Ever

I am not finished with them yet I am about to order a second set for my mom! Amazing podis!

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