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Love these podis!

I’ve been using on just about everything! Highly recommend! My favorite is the crispy chili garlic, but also love the rasam, peanut and sambar 🙌

This set makes a great gift, loved all the flavours!

Awesome and Delicious !!!

All podis are Authentic and home made tastes . My favourite ones are Crunchy peanut, Spicy coconut and Tangy Rasam. Amazing tastes took me back home town .

Great Home Taste

My family absolutely loved this product, reminds us of back home in South India..

Very delicious

The spices are amazing, full of flavor! Brings me back to Kerala. Highly recommend.

Crunchy Peanut
absolutely delicious!!

Crunchy peanut and spicy coconut are two of my favorite podis. Ideal for sprinkling on a fresh dosa for a nourishing quick breakfast!! Other favs are curry leaf and nutty moong!! also love the sambar masala.

Hearty Sambar
Shubha Mayya

Hearty Sambar

Color & Joy Bundle
Samhita Nagubandi
Amazing set!

i loved this vibrant, beautiful set! It is a great gift :)

Unique, delicious flavors!

I love podi, it reminds me of home, and I absolutely loved this set! They are such unique flavors and go well with multiple dishes. 10/10 recommend!

Amazing set!

We used this gift set as a raffle prize in an event hosted by a club I'm in, South Indian Society! The set is beautifully packaged and well designed! The flavors are unique and the extra goodies (magnet, playing cards, etc) are the perfect additions to this gift set. The winners loved this so much :)


Every time I purchased a podi in a store in India or the US, they had a strange flavor. Asafoetida(hing)?Preservatives? I am not sure. But PODI life delivers the true authentic homemade flavor without compromising the freshness. I instantly fell in love with the Crispy Garlic and made my way through the rest. The best part of about this set is that they are versatile. You can eat it in a typical south Indian way(rice, ghee, and podi) or add it to non-Indian dishes. I added them to stew, to bake veggies, and on eggs. If you are on the fence, I'd say get it. You won't regret it. I will now forever have PODI life in my pantry.

Love it.

So easy to use and get the right dose!

Crispy Garlic
Stephanie Garcia
Delicious and versatile!

Absolutely perfect garlic seasoning with the subtle hint of spice that is pleasing to the palate! Not a strong garlicky flavor so you can add garlic if that is your desire! Used this on my roast with salt and pepper/ Delicious!! It’s our go to spice right now!! Thank you for this amazing product!

Crunchy Peanut
Karen Beaman
Most amazing!!!

My favorite spice of all!

Crunchy Peanut
Haritha G
Tastes Great!

Fresh and flavorful!

Great party favor

The cute card Pack arrived right in time for Diwali party that I was attending, curating the small fun elements of Indian culture in such a fun format got my friend all excited! It’s an ode to cuteness and incorporating play in this beautiful artwork is a dream for any artist and culture lover! great job on the play deck👌 And well timed! 😀

It’s the OG bomb yummy!

According to my Bengali and Keralite neighbors, who lappped this podi with their finger tips at our masala dosa party, it’s the best podi they ever had and they wanted to know which store to go purchase more! I used the podi to spread Over dosa before potato palya went in, it elevated the dosa experience exponentially! I have plans of using this the next time with Akki rotti! Very fresh, fragrant and the small batch wonder hits all the right notes my dearies, don’t skip this podi, it’s truly South India in a bag! ❤️

Crispy Garlic
Radhika Peremkollankandi
Fresh and Tasty!!

Simply yummy!!

Must have cards

These cards are nothing but my dream come true! All the little details on them look extremely thoughtful and completely brings back to my childhood life in south India. I can’t wait to play w these with all of my friends and introduce to them little parts of my life through it.


Working my way through the 5 podi set. I am completely in love with the OG and curry leaf polish. They are a regular part of breakfast in our home. Thank you!


Just like everything from Podi Life, this was delicious! Highly recommend.

OMG get it

Incredible, I had it with Dosa this morning and I am completely sold. I will be buying all the rest of the podi’s.

Tangy Rasam
Meenu Dakarapu

The right tangy flavor. My family loves it !

Spicy Coconut
Maya Kumar


stunning flavors!

all of the blends were so flavorful and adaptable to cook so many different things. I used it in stews, daal, marinades, dry rubs on ribs you name it! I'll be getting these for my family for the holidays!

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