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Crunchy Peanut
Lakshmi Kannan

I bought a 1 lb bag this time bc I put it on everything - yogurt, plain rice + sesame oil + podi, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, toast - makes everything tasty. Thank you for bringing me home to my life!

Awesome 😍😍😍

Me and my husband loved all the podi.Will be buying more 😊😊😊

Crunchy Peanut
Meenakshi Kumar
Love it!

Was fresh and just right

Gun Powder - the OG
Sajani Amarasiri
Yum! Enhances everything I put it on

So good been putting it on everything for some extra flavor

As earnest a brand as it is authentic and delicious

First, the podis are just stellar. That's objectively true. My telugu, immigrant family loved them so much, especially the lentils, coconut, peanut, and curry leaf ones, that my mom is all over auntie whatsapp about it.

But second, I so sincerely love the mission and earnest love for Indian food and culture behind this mother+daughter brand. It's exactly the type of small business owned by women of color that you want to support.

So save yourself the time and just buy the sampler to see what your faves are and send them over to your foodie friends and fam as well - it makes an excellent gift!

Unapologetically authentic

Got the sampler kit. Gunpowder and spicy garlic samplers were too good! Curry leaf powder is fresh and adds distinct savoriness. Sambhar and Rasam powders are good as well. Overall for folks who want to try out different flavors of southern India this is a one stop kit that adds versatility to your cooking

Gun Powder - the OG
Reshma Srinivas
This is more like Parrupu podi than idli/dosa molagai podi

I was very excited to get this as we are unable to make it at home right now. But it turned out to be disappointing as this tastes, smells and looks exactly like Pappul/Parrupu podi that we eat with rice and not like the molagai podi that is commonly known as gun powder in the North which we eat with idli dosa.

Though it tasted good, we ended up having it with mixed with rice (plus ghee). Hope podi life makes a more spicier and simple molagai podi as well next.

( I love the mint garden and garlic podi)

My favorite!

Ok-after trying the trial pack of all the flavors, this is my favorite. I’ve used it in dhokla, on top of eggs and even in vegetable makhanwala. A little goes a long way in adding flavor. Highly recommend.

PODI life Gift Card
Jeanne Barkey
wonderful communication !

When I had a question about my order, the good person who communicated was clear and kind. Thank you for that. Jeanne

Exclusive PEEKU Sprinkler set
Seema Kamath Shirsat
Excellent collection of spices!

The Peeku sampler is simply perfect ! I’ve used all 4 in various ways from traditional (mixed in oil alongside dosa and idly) to fusion (avocado toast, caprese salad, pasta, on fruits, on cucumber slices) and loved it all. The coriander is a stand out ! My mother even said it tastes exactly like how her grandmother used to make. I highly recommend the sampler and plan to replace each slice when I finish the smaller bottles.

This was a gift. Delighted comments were made

Lotta Lentils
Rini Ramnarain
Lotta Lentis - Another amazing Podi

I can't get enough of every podi from here. Lotta lentils is equally amazing! i am glad i got such a big batch, i can share and still have plenty for myself

Perfect gift

Perfect gift to anyone who’s starting to get into spices and podi’s

Hearty Sambar
Delicious Sambar Podi!

Absolutely delicious sambar podi with perfect balance of spices. It brought back pleasant memories of my childhood in Tamil Nadu!


This was a gift, so can’t write a review. Sorry! But to date I’ve loved whatever I’ve ordered, esp the curry leaf podi and the gunpowder.

Mint Garden
Vaishnavi Vanga
It is the just the BEST!

The mint garden podi is super good! It can be used as a topping of sandwiches, omlets and all kinds of indian breakfast items. It is not only very fresh and refreshing with the mint in it but also very flavorful. It is a topping that I would use for every thing I eat! My first packet couldn't last more than 10 days, it is addictive!

These Podis are just what you need

When I got these in the mail, obviously I opened and sampled them all right away. All so fresh, all so excellent! I'm salivating right now just thinking about them. Since then, I've gotten so much flavor inspiration for cooking (thanks in part to the suggestions on the cute postcards!) and snacking. My new favorite breakfast is uthappams with yoghurt and podis. Our new favorite way to eat our homegrown tomatoes is sliced, with different podis sprinkled on top. We keep the garlic and gunpowder ones on the table now to add extra-extra to our meals. They would be a fantastic gift, too!

Crispy Garlic
Shraddha Patel
So Fresh!

Delicious and fresh. Very happy with my purchase.

Crunchy Peanut
Riddhi Madhani

Loved the taste and freshness. A bit on the expensive side,imo.

Best Thing To Happen To Me

This sprinkle set was lovely and makes meal prepping very very easy

great quality!

diaspora collab

Way way way too spicy! Gave it to a friend

Hi there Angela! Two of the three dishes in the collab are soups/stews, which can be diluted by simply adding more water. So the spice level can be watered down very easily :) The third dish is a dipping sauce flavored with PODI - can also be diluted with additional yogurt. Thanks for your note, though! Our comment in response to your feedback will help others make a note.

Crunchy Peanut
Sinduja Bhaskaran
Amazing podi!

I use it to add flavor to all the veggies. Simple yet so tasty.. ❤️❤️

I can't review it yet as I haven't tried them out yet. They sure do look nice though. Sorry.

Love these spice mixes!

I may be eating OG Gunpowder on its own, it's that good!

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