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Mint Garden

Try this cooling blend as a "dry sauce" in sammiches, grilled veggies and as a rice seasoning!

Mint Garden PODI is great when used for marinating meats alongside greek yogurt. Sprinkle some on your labneh or strained yogurt to make a fantastic dip. 

Also fantastic when mixed in a grain of your choice - bulgur, quinoa, all kinds of rice. 

Season your oven-roasted makhana or popcorn with this PODI! 


INGREDIENTS: Lentils/dals (toor, chana, moong urad), garlic, red chili,  mint leaves, cumin, coriander seeds, black pepper, salt, turmeric, canola oil

No preservatives. All natural ingredients. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

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Vaishnavi Vanga
It is the just the BEST!

The mint garden podi is super good! It can be used as a topping of sandwiches, omlets and all kinds of indian breakfast items. It is not only very fresh and refreshing with the mint in it but also very flavorful. It is a topping that I would use for every thing I eat! My first packet couldn't last more than 10 days, it is addictive!

Pavleen Kaur
One Podi to rule them all

This mint garden Podi is an exceptionally versatile one, bringing unparalleled freshness to any food it is sprinkled on. I (generously) add this Podi on top of many dishes - poha (flattened rice used as Indian breakfast), spicy potato curry and veggie-mixed yogurt. The result is a refreshing, minty lightness to die for!


This Podi is everything you can wish for!! Being a South Indian and a regular podi eater (I eat podi as the main dish and dosa as side dish), and someone who gets all her podis made by mom and sent all the way to US from india, I can vouch that this Mint garden podi is one of the most flavorful podis I have ever had. My husband was blown away by how fresh it tasted. We finished the whole packed in a week!

Definitely recommend this 100%

Manisha Swain
Don't know how to podi? Start with this one.

I'll be honest- mint is my least favorite herb. I dislike it's sweet, menthol aftertaste and I'm nervous about pairing it with anything except the most assertive biryanis and chutneys. Still, I was intrigued by the idea of a mint podi, and ordered it on a whim.

Best decision EVER.

It's got all the freshness of mint but its sweetness is balanced by the spices and the bouquet is given a lovely, warm depth by the roasted dals. You could sprinkle it on anything, and it would instantly elevate its taste. Seriously- my favorite way to use this is as a replacement for basil on bruschetta. I've also used it in salads and as a marinade for grilled vegetables and tofu with great results. I have no idea what its traditional pairings are, but it will become my pantry staple!

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