My Mother's Garden

My Mother's Garden

Observations from Alak Nanda

(Founder, PODI life)

One of the most wondrous lessons I've learned from amma is to always tend to a little garden. It has been beautiful to see amma express her autonomy, connect with this land, this soil through plants that are familiar to her and her childhood. 

A garden is more than just a patch grass and a few pots, it is a place where we express our individuality, and foster our connection to the lands we inhabit. Sometimes, it is with plants that are culturally important to us.

Amma (Vasavi, Head of Product and Mfg) and her 8-year old Curry Leaf plant that she fondly calls Azad (named after an Indian revolutionary)


To be a mindful gardener, is to follow the seasons closely - the path of the sun through various seasons, the health and wealth in the soil - gardening teaches us to honor the seasons within ourselves. It teaches us valuable lessons in patience, and the entirely unpredictable nature of life.
The act of gardening brings us closer to our food and to ourselves. It also makes us respect the hard work that grows in to growing food and renews our respect for farmers and good farming practices. 
A bountiful garden is rich in diversity and isn't that a beautiful metaphor for life?


Amma (Vasavi, founding member) with her pride and joy, our 2 year old banana plant named Jhansi (after a fighter) - this banana plant disappears into the ground every Winter and comes back up every Spring - unparalleled phoenix energy!

 Proud gardener and her homegrown bounty!