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South Indian home cooking flavor, with ease

Create easy, incredibly delicious, vegetable-forward meals with South India's best-kept secret pantry staple called PODI (poh-dee)

The making of Diaspora Co. x PODI life Spice Kit

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South Indian Forest Tamarind

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Endless combinations

Use PODIs as seasoning on grilled veggies, as a dry rub on meat, as seasoning for cooked grains (rice, quinoa, millets, popcorn etc)

Heirloom seasoning blends

We're a POC mom-daughter owned & run shop and these PODIs are a family heirloom!

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Recipe cards included

We include our very cute PEEKU pairing suggestion cards with every PODI flavor to help you flavor with ease!

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Freshly made in Atlanta, GA

All PODIs are small-batch crafted in our commercial kitchen with all natural ingredients, without any preservatives or additives!

Flavors rooted in South India

PODIs are ready-to-use blends made of ingredients synonymous with South India - tamarind, curry leaf, peanut, coconut, a wide variety of lentils and spices!

To see bold, wildly creative women like Alak Nanda of PODI life carving out their space in the industry is exciting, and a real relief. Her PODIs are delicious, and infused with so much heart and feeling. To see Alak proudly center her upbringing, her palate and cooking techniques is thrilling.

Sana Javeri Kadri, CEO, Diaspora Co Spices (Who's Making AAPI History - 2021 edition, ABC Good Morning America)


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