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Lentils and Pulses - a journey from seed to pantry!

Do you know what a lentil or a dal (i.e., split pea) plant looks like? or how split peas are processed for them to look the way they do in the store? The differences between beans, legumes, pulses,...

My Mother's Garden

Observations from Alak Nanda (Founder, PODI life) One of the most wondrous lessons I've learned from amma is to always tend to a little garden. It has been beautiful to see amma express her auton...

What is Rasam?

Rasam is a tangy and spicy soup that is an essential part of South Indian cuisine. It is typically made with tamarind juice, tomatoes, garlic, and various spices - such as cumin, coriander, turmeri...

Black Gold

Pepper, known as the “king of spices,” is one of the most important ingredients in Indian cuisine. It has a long history of being used in cooking, as well as in medicine and trade. The story of pep...

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