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A deep dive into PODI flavors

Looks like you got a early sneak-peak, lucky you! PEEKU's little minions are working on this page. Here's a quick PODI 101 guide. We bet you didn't think of some of these versatile uses for PODIs...

Our favorite Card Games

We created this deck of cards to pay homage to all the lovely moments we've had with near and dear ones. We're thrilled to share a personal curation of games we've loved to play over the years! F...

Manam Vanam: In conversation with Barkha Cardoz

Note from Alak Nanda: Barkha aunty was one of the people I randomly messaged on IG one day. She was so thrilled to hear that I was running this little biz with amma. I sent her PODIs, she sent me c...

Introducing Manam Vanam

Our new initiative: a collection of life stories and lessons from the PODI life community members!

Curd Chillies 101

A treasured, old-school, regional South Indian pantry staple!

Learn all about dosas - a South Indian classic!

No better common denominator across all the varied food from South Indian regions! Learn all about this gateway food into South Indian cuisine :) We bet you'll learn a thing or two, even if you are...

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