Who is our mascot PEEKU? Learn more!

PEEKU is our little curious, free, farm-loving, PODI-loving, gender-fluid person.

PODIs are South India's best-kept secret and new to so many people! So we wanted to create playful and informative recipe cards for each of our PODIs, and we wanted PEEKU on our recipe cards to embody all the values we stood by, everything we dream of and want to manifest in this world. We took a two fold approach.

Firstly, to honor the points of origin of the food we eat:

Growing food is one of the riskiest endeavors and to not acknowledge the value and effort involved in growing and making these labor-intensive foods is doing a disservice to our food system. We are all so disconnected from how our food is grown. So our PEEKU cards take us closer to the points of origin of ingredients used in each PODI.

Secondly, for people of all gender expressions to approach food with equal curiosity and care:

We particularly wanted to question heteronormativity and gendered representation in the mainstream food industry. We also did not want to perpetuate femme/women's (majority of our audience) sole role as the nourisher of the family, in future generations.

We believe cooking and nourishing ourselves should be everyone's own responsibility 🤎

So we hope PEEKU inspires you, as they inspire us, to play around with flavor, with ease! To approach new cuisines and flavors with curiosity and freedom. 

Credits: All PEEKU illustrations were done by Aaryama Somayaji, in collaboration with the PODI life team. Copyrights reserved.