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Gun Powder - the OG

It's the first PODI our founder had as kid. That's why it's called the OG!

This spice elevates eggs or roasted potatoes. 

Season your oven-roasted vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, sweet potato,  broccoli, brussel sprouts and romanesco with this Gunpowder PODI for a silken and spicy kick.  Recreate the iconic London restaurant Dishoom's gunpowder potatoes with our OG Podi.  


  Please note that we offer customizations on orders of 1lb or more!

INGREDIENTS: lentils (roasted bengal gram dal), red chili, garlic, turmeric, canola oil, salt, curry leaves, cumin seeds

No preservatives. All natural ingredients. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

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Sajani Amarasiri
Yum! Enhances everything I put it on

So good been putting it on everything for some extra flavor

Reshma Srinivas
This is more like Parrupu podi than idli/dosa molagai podi

I was very excited to get this as we are unable to make it at home right now. But it turned out to be disappointing as this tastes, smells and looks exactly like Pappul/Parrupu podi that we eat with rice and not like the molagai podi that is commonly known as gun powder in the North which we eat with idli dosa.

Though it tasted good, we ended up having it with mixed with rice (plus ghee). Hope podi life makes a more spicier and simple molagai podi as well next.

( I love the mint garden and garlic podi)

Karen Beaman
Smooth and silky

Love this smooth and silky spice. You can use it with just about anything. My husband likes it too since it's not too spicy.

The best there is.

We started off with the podi samplers and now this, coconut podi & nutty mong podi have gotten a permanent spot on our dinner table :)

Thank you for making these!

Manisha Swain
Addictive. Just don't snort it.

I bought the Mint Garden and Crunchy Peanut podis and received the Gun Powder as a sample. I'm not from South India, but I'd heard of and tasted gun powder on occasion. So, of course, I forgot all about it as I went around sprinkling the more exotic mint podi onto everything.

Thankfully, I had idlis for breakfast the other day and thought what a great idea it would be pressing those pillowy mounds into an aromatic pile of Gun Powder. And boy, this did not disappoint. It's uber-flavorful, but that was expected. It's texture, however, is surprisingly fine- almost silky and buttery. I committed heresy by having it without oil and even sneaked into the kitchen later that night to have it straight from the spoon! Delicious!! (Word to the wise- if you want to try this particular stunt, swallow it before you can breathe it into your lungs)

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