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Deluxe South Indian Playing Cards

Play with Pride: This deck of playing cards is an introduction to and celebration of South Indian culture. A celebration of South India's tropical cuteness and agricultural bounty 🤎

This is the world of PEEKU (our PODI-loving mascot) - full of art and heart. The deck is truly a delight to play with!

With this deck, we're also paying homage to all the little moments when we were able to bring strangers we've met on train journeys into a card game, with just as much ease as bringing near & dear ones together to a table on any night. All we've needed was 2 decks of cards and some snacks. 

It's truly a collector's item, perfect gift for you, your friends, family and colleagues! 🤎

We believe that the art we surround ourselves with impacts us greatly. This is a deck that our younger-selves would've loved to have! We've also made this deck educational by adding the names of each cultural motif on the card. 

Wishing you lots of light, love and joy with near and dear ones - hope you're able to create plenty of laughter and ease with cards games! 


Customer Reviews

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Great party favor

The cute card Pack arrived right in time for Diwali party that I was attending, curating the small fun elements of Indian culture in such a fun format got my friend all excited! It’s an ode to cuteness and incorporating play in this beautiful artwork is a dream for any artist and culture lover! great job on the play deck👌 And well timed! 😀

Must have cards

These cards are nothing but my dream come true! All the little details on them look extremely thoughtful and completely brings back to my childhood life in south India. I can’t wait to play w these with all of my friends and introduce to them little parts of my life through it.

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