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Sampler set of ALL 9 PODIs (2oz/57g each)

New to PODIs? Skeptical about us? This is a good place to start!

It's our entire collection with a beautiful set of 9 recipe/pairing suggestion postcards. Let these cards guide you through the journey of exploring these 9 lovely textures and flavors! Each very unique.

A little tour of South Indian flavors: so it's great as a gift set too!

The sampler set will contain 2oz of sample packets of each PODI. 

PODIs included:

  1. Spicy Coconut PODI
  2. Crunchy Peanut PODI
  3. Gunpowder PODI - the OG
  4. Nutty Moong PODI
  5. Curry Leaf PODI
  6. Tangy Rasam PODI
  7. Hearty Sambar PODI
  8. Crispy Garlic PODI
  9. Lotta Lentils PODI

No preservatives. No additives. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
stunning flavors!

all of the blends were so flavorful and adaptable to cook so many different things. I used it in stews, daal, marinades, dry rubs on ribs you name it! I'll be getting these for my family for the holidays!

Ravina Shetty
Awesome 😍😍😍

Me and my husband loved all the podi.Will be buying more 😊😊😊

As earnest a brand as it is authentic and delicious

First, the podis are just stellar. That's objectively true. My telugu, immigrant family loved them so much, especially the lentils, coconut, peanut, and curry leaf ones, that my mom is all over auntie whatsapp about it.

But second, I so sincerely love the mission and earnest love for Indian food and culture behind this mother+daughter brand. It's exactly the type of small business owned by women of color that you want to support.

So save yourself the time and just buy the sampler to see what your faves are and send them over to your foodie friends and fam as well - it makes an excellent gift!

Shruthi Hamsanathan
Unapologetically authentic

Got the sampler kit. Gunpowder and spicy garlic samplers were too good! Curry leaf powder is fresh and adds distinct savoriness. Sambhar and Rasam powders are good as well. Overall for folks who want to try out different flavors of southern India this is a one stop kit that adds versatility to your cooking

Rita Momin

This was a gift, so can’t write a review. Sorry! But to date I’ve loved whatever I’ve ordered, esp the curry leaf podi and the gunpowder.

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