PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit
Medium Spicy

PODI life x Diaspora Co. Spice Kit

garlicky. earthy. spicy.

Transport yourself to coconut tree laden, tropical South Indian with this PODI. The sweetness of the coconut is beautifully balanced with red chillies and garlic, making it an excellent topper for sweet and savory dishes.

Sprinkle on everything, especially.
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Our PODIs got an upgrade we’ve always dreamed of - we used FIVE Diaspora Co.’s single origin spices, organic lentils and a few other organic spices, along with freshly sourced South Indian Forest Tamarind to create the easiest spice kits for you!

Our tried-and-tested recipes in the Spice Kit booklet (it's really a mini cookbook) will guide you the entire way to make three quintessential South Indian dishes. 

With this kit, you can effortlessly make Tomato Rasam (Padma Lakshmi’s favorite comfort food), a hearty Sambar (every South Indian fiesta has a big celebratory pot), and everyone’s favorite - crispy, simple Pesarattu dosa!


Say hello to 22+ deliciously flavored meals. Each spice kit includes:

  • 2 Tangy Rasam packs (2 x 4 servings)
  • 2 Hearty Sambar packs (2 x 4 servings)
  • 2 Lotta Lentil PODI (2 x 3 servings)

Everything in the spice kit is gluten-free and vegan.

Rasam is a tangy peppery soup that is great to drink as a digestive soup, or excellent for braising meats, or eaten with some rice and meatballs. 

Sambar is a hearty vegetable-filled lentil stew, perfect for Fall weather. This is the dal-stew upgrade you always needed!

Dosa in this booklet is the easiest kind - doesn't need any fermentation or special lentils. This green mung bean dosa, aka pesarattu is full of fiber and protein and pairs excellently with the PODI in this kit. 

Welcome to your little culinary journey across South India! 

Read about ingredients, manufacturing and packaging here.

You will have access to three recorded cooking videos for each of the three South Indian classics - Tomato Rasam, Sambar and Pesarattu dosa!

PODIs have been used in South India since time immemorial to season cooked vegetables. 

We created an excellent South Indian Culinary experience bundle for you (incl. free shipping):

  • Our limited edition Sprinkler set (ideal for seasoning roasted vegetables)
  • Diaspora Co. x PODI life Spice Kit (recipes along with three recorded video cooking classes)
  • Vegetable roasting guide (poster) 


Note from founder Alak Nanda:

Just two generations ago, our ancestors were rice farmers and were running a little rice mill in South India. Today, to collab with a company like Diaspora Co. that centers farmers and their labor of love in everything they do, aligns so deeply with our dream for PODI life - to bring the best of South Indian pantry to the world while consciously taking care of every farmer and supplier involved. This collab is a small step in the direction of that dream! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Priyanka G

great quality!

Angela Demick
diaspora collab

Way way way too spicy! Gave it to a friend

Hi there Angela! Two of the three dishes in the collab are soups/stews, which can be diluted by simply adding more water. So the spice level can be watered down very easily :) The third dish is a dipping sauce flavored with PODI - can also be diluted with additional yogurt. Thanks for your note, though! Our comment in response to your feedback will help others make a note.

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