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Crispy Garlic

We made this blend on popular demand from our community of PODI lovers in India!

This blend is especially great on any Indian street food you are trying to recreate at home (think vada pav, pav bhaji, misal pav, chili cheese toast).

This PODI is fantastic and flavorful. Sprinkle it on everything - on a sliced avocado, fried potato, your fried omelette, every cooked vegetable you can think of - uses are truly endless. 


 Please note that we offer customizations on orders of 1lb or more!

INGREDIENTS: Lentils (urad dal), garlic, red chili, curry leaves, cumin, coriander seeds, black pepper, salt, turmeric, coconut.

No preservatives. All natural ingredients. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

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Shraddha Patel
So Fresh!

Delicious and fresh. Very happy with my purchase.

Vidya Reddy
Better than Grandma's

I came across Podi Life on Instagram and after looking at their website, I was over the moon that all the Podi's that have been a part of my life are available right here in the USA, that I don't have to ask my grandma to make them every time my mom or I traveled to India.

The spicy garlic podi is simply the best. Can't get enough of it! I use on everything, try it on popcorn. It's even better than my Telugu grandma's. I love that it's authentic South Indian flavor. I got my whole family hooked on it. I love the artful little cards that come with the Podis. I can't wait to develop even more recipes with this gem!

Janaki Nair
You need some PODI in your life!

You will not be disappointed. The podi's are fresh and authentic. I recently tried their Crispy Garlic podi and was blown. It was absolutely delicious. The Spiced coconut is another one of my favorites. If you haven't already gotten some for yourself, please go ahead! You need Podi in your life. I also LOVEEEE the little suggestion cards that each spice mix comes with. It is especially handy if you are not familiar with the flavors and how to use the podi but would like to try these. Flavor-packed spice mix!!!

Karen Beaman
Sprinkle and mix with everything!

Great all around spice to sprinkle on and mix with everything!

Tamanna A. Shaikh
This Podi transports us to Mumbai!!!

Absolutely punch-packing, bomb of a podi, like a dry version of the lehsun/lasan chutney/thecha so loved in Maharashtra-Gujarat-Rajasthan! Family favourite. Lots of flavour with heat —just how it should be! My Mumbaikar husband’s favourite of all :)

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