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Spicy Coconut

A spice blend collection from the South India has got to include coconut right?

This PODI pairs excellently with sea food, rice and sauteed veggies like capsicum. It has the slight sweetness of coconut and a lightly spicy edge. It is great for making coconut-centered curries!


 Please note that we offer customizations on orders of 1lb or more!

INGREDIENTS: dried coconut, red chili, salt, garlic, turmeric

No preservatives. All natural ingredients. Gluten free. 

Customer Reviews

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My favorite!

Ok-after trying the trial pack of all the flavors, this is my favorite. I’ve used it in dhokla, on top of eggs and even in vegetable makhanwala. A little goes a long way in adding flavor. Highly recommend.

Lakshmi Kannan

I put this on everything - boiled eggs, toast, rice (the obvious stuff), crunchy veggies like cucumbers - cucumber salad with coconut podi anyone?, and also bread! THE BEST!

Tamanna A. Shaikh
On point for anyone who wants sweet + spicy

This Podi is the perfect melange of sweet and spicy. Great on roasted veggies, plain buttered toast, phulka + ghee, as on all carbs :)

Umangee Babla
Coco Nuts!

Nuts about this podi!
Almost finished the whole sampler pack in two days. Ate this for breakfast with chai, crackers and Khakhra. Ate it for lunch with chapati and curry. Ate it for dinner with rice. Love love love this! cant wait to order more!
This one is a must try, just like all the other podis!

Spicy like it says, good quality and smells amazing.

I ordered Spicy Coconut Podi along with Crunchy Peanut Podi and really enjoyed both the products. A little Coconut can make any food better and this spice blend adds a lot more flavour to my stir fries. I made some poriyals with this Podi and it tasted very flavourful. Pairs very well with traditional breakfasts and stir fry veggies.

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